3 Best Multipurpose WordPress Themes for 2017

WordPress has taken the web design field into whole new level. The kind of quality that took 1ooo’s from the pocket of business owners can be obtained with a mere price of $100.

If you need to make it custom ready, it can also be done with the help of customisation experts. You can easily hire them for $5 per hour in Fiverr. But customisation is the whole different ball game. Now we are talking about the multipurpose themes that makes the lives of business owners breeze

Here we have accumulated our top 3 picks for 2017.


Total is one of the most popular and free theme from Hash Themes. Yes, it’s a product from Hash. From corporate business to personal adsense optimised websites, you can use Total for any kind of stuff. Not only it has clean design it has plenty of colour options that makes it one of its kind. With a combination of 10 different home page sections Total is the theme you need to look out to in 2017. One example of site made from Total is Pics Plz. It’s simple but offers so much to the website.



My first reaction to Kalium was simply wow. The creative minds behind Kalium made sure that this theme was out of the box. The banner statement says it all – creative theme for professionals. The drag and drop options along with rich full theme options make it one of the favourite multi purpose themes for even the layman to work.

You may be wondering why the ratings are so high for this theme. Well simply because it has 10 different demo options, 30+ portfolio types and array of beautiful features.



The king of all themes. Well, that’s what I think. Avada is the theme that almost everyone in the WordPress field knows and have probably used once in their life. Having over 30000 sales, it’s the #1 rated theme in themeforest. With great features like fusion builder and huge support eco system, this theme packs a punch when it comes to quality WordPress theme. The mega menus and theme option panels makes it one of the brilliant themes that can be used for any types of purposes. One example of site build on Avada is T3 Design

These are the three themes that offers much more than just a corporative nature. Building site from these 3 themes can give you a pleasant look for your business.

5 Reasons WordPress is perfect for Small Businesses

5 Reasons WordPress is perfect for Small Businesses

Small Businesses have never been fan of web. Most of them consider it as a waste of time and energy. Still over 50% of small businesses in US don’t have a website. This sums up the story perfectly.

This is one of the major reasons why small businesses fail miserably within 5 years of its start.

They rely heavily on traditional marketing and shut down all the other doors for business making.

The statistics show that over 80% of consumers search online before making a buying decision.

So, if you are a small business you are missing a big time.

But hey, it’s never too late to start a business in online.

CMS like WordPress gives a peace of mind to business owners who aren’t tech savvy and want a flexible environment.

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5 examples of attracting websites build on WordPress

WordPress always brings advanced features in its each update. Since its establishment (2003), we can see the magnificent transition of WordPress from a blogging platform to the most popular CMS and website builder.

So we can say, it’s easy to develop any type of website using WordPress.

Developing a website doesn’t solely mean clean coding and effective designing skills. Your website will be more attractive and interesting if you can add features like mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly and customer engaging content.

Considering this stuff, we have collected best 5 examples of attractive WordPress websites.

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Top 5 Resume Templates for Mac

This site is all about Word-press themes, but we are fans of using templates for other stuff as well. It makes life easier, particularly when it comes to resumes.

When applying for jobs, it’s a very wise strategy to use a template that will help you appear professional and well organized. Resumes are essentially marketing brochures that make your skills and credentials appealing to those in a position to hire. Graphic design is an integral part of any good marketing campaign and given the accessibility of well-designed resume templates, it only makes sense to utilize design in your own job seeking campaign. Read More