5 examples of attracting websites build on WordPress

WordPress always brings advanced features in its each update. Since its establishment (2003), we can see the magnificent transition of WordPress from a blogging platform to the most popular CMS and website builder.

So we can say, it’s easy to develop any type of website using WordPress.

Developing a website doesn’t solely mean clean coding and effective designing skills. Your website will be more attractive and interesting if you can add features like mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly and customer engaging content.

Considering this stuff, we have collected best 5 examples of attractive WordPress websites.

WP Creative

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Top 5 Resume Templates for Mac

This site is all about Word-press themes, but we are fans of using templates for other stuff as well. It makes life easier, particularly when it comes to resumes.

When applying for jobs, it’s a very wise strategy to use a template that will help you appear professional and well organized. Resumes are essentially marketing brochures that make your skills and credentials appealing to those in a position to hire. Graphic design is an integral part of any good marketing campaign and given the accessibility of well-designed resume templates, it only makes sense to utilize design in your own job seeking campaign. Read More

20 best adsense optimized wordpress themes

20 best adsense optimized wordpress themes

No matter what type of business you are running and no matter how philanthropic you feel at the moment, at some point you will have to think about monetizing your website. This is particularly true for a business like Online Stores and Service providers whose entire source of or a major part of income comes from the online market. Fortunately, there are a bunch of things you could be doing to enhance your earnings and help you make a living online. The most sorted after method, however, remains the good old Ad-Sense that not only helps you earn more but also optimizes your ads in a way that is relevant to your users, luring them into clicking on your ads more. Read More

How to drive traffic to your website: 3 Data Driven methods

How to drive traffic to your website: 3 Data Driven methods

Everyone fantasises about having a website that bullies traffic. Every business owner competing online understands the propaganda behind having a ton of traffic juice flowing to his website.

And, for a marketer or a blogger, traffic is like one of those exotic dreams that he wishes he could achieve.

Unfortunately, many out of them aren’t able to reach this feat. About 9o% startups fail miserably.

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