7 Reasons Why WordPress Is The Best CMS To Start a Blog in 2021

Starting a blog has become an easy task, thanks to the wonderful CMS that is WordPress. As a highly-customizable platform, this content management system is just what you need to build a fully-functional and optimized blog.

Thus, if you are a newbie blogger who is unsure as to why you should use this CMS then here are top 7 reasons that will help you make a well-informed decision. WordPress is a powerful CMS that provides you with unlimited benefits and essential features.

As such, let’s quickly take a look that the reasons why WordPress is the best CMS to start a blog in 2018.

WordPress is Free To Use

As an open source software, you can download and use the WordPress CMS for free. WordPress offers you the flexibility to make changes without any restrictions, thus enabling you to build a customized blog as per your choice. Best part, since WordPress is a free software you don’t require a high budget to set-up a WordPress blog. Plus, the maintenance cost of WordPress is relatively low compared to other CMS like Drupal and Joomla. However if you don’t want to do it yourself, there are lots of maintenance WordPress companies that can help you edit, maintain and customize your websites.

Availability of Powerful Plugins and Beautiful Themes

why wordpress is the best cms

One of the reasons why WordPress is the best CMS worldwide is because of the availability of a wide range of WordPress plugins and themes. With WordPress plugins, you can increase the functionality of your blog and there is a plugin available for all tasks – be it the integration of 3rd party apps or for adding customized solutions to your website.

Likewise, WordPress offers you an array of best WordPress themes, via which you can build a visually striking blog that is optimized for users as well as search engines. These themes are multiple-purpose and offer you tonnes of customization features making it easier for you to build a blog of your dream.

WordPress is Easy to Manage and Update

Another reason why you should consider using WordPress to start a blog is that it is user-friendly. As a popular CMS used to power millions of blogs/websites on the internet, WordPress offers you a seamless platform that is easy-to-use, manage, update and maintain.

You require no coding experience to run a WordPress blog. Its intuitive dashboard comes with a simple interface and comprises built-in features that will help you achieve each task without any difficulty. Similarly, WordPress offers frequent updates for all themes and plugins, thus ensuring that your site is up-to-date at all times. Lastly, with the help of various plugins, you can easily maintain your WordPress website in a hassle-free manner.

WordPress is Responsive

When you use WordPress to build a blog, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your blog is mobile-friendly, since almost all WordPress themes are responsive.

With a shift to mobile-first indexing by Google, having a blog that is not responsive can hurt your bottom line. A responsive web design will ensure that your site is performing optimally on all mobile devices and browsing platforms, which, in turn, will help enhance user experience leading to a higher organic traffic.

why wordpress is the best cms

Similarly, by having a mobile-friendly blog, you are ensuring that your site is easily accessible and navigable by all – users as well as search engines, thus reducing bounce rate, resulting in a better ranking on SERPs.

It is Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is also SEO-friendly. It helps you speed up your site’s page speed and load time. It assists in optimizing your site’s images. It also helps speed up your site’s search engine indexing by helping you create a sitemap via the Yoast SEO plugin.

With WordPress, you can build a search engine friendly website structure that will help boost your site’s visibility. Additionally, WordPress supports social media integration which will further help amplify your SEO campaign.

Simple Content Management Platform

WordPress started as a blogging platform and as such, provides you with tonnes of features that make writing content and publishing it a breeze. With WordPress, you can create multimedia rich content right from the dashboard. In addition, it helps you to manage all your content in a systematic way, thus limiting the chance of duplication.

With WordPress, you can create, save, schedule and share content at a click of a button. Also, via the Yoast plugin, you are also assured that your blog post is well-structured in terms of important on-page SEO elements like meta title, meta description, focus keywords etc, thus helping you further enhance your content marketing strategy.

It Offers a Safe and Secure Framework

Like mentioned above, WordPress is used by millions of people to power their websites. As such, WordPress takes website security seriously and always maintain a high-security standard. In order to keep hackers and other cyber threats at bay, WordPress provides a safe and secure framework, wherein, any vulnerability is effectively dealt with in an efficient manner.

To keep your blog secure it provides constant updates to all WordPress themes and plugins as well as for WordPress core. It also offers you a host of WordPress security plugins that provides further security for all malicious harms.


This was just a quick overview of the reasons why you should consider using WordPress to start a blog. However, these were just the tip of the iceberg and if you want to know more about WordPress and its many benefits in detail before making a decision.

WordPress is the top choice for building a blog or a website and is constantly evolving to incorporate new technological innovations. The few perks that you can avail by using this CMS include tonnes of free WordPress themes and plugins, easy content management, robust security and seamless integration of SEO and Social media.

Thus, if you are planning on starting a blog then WordPress is the way forward!