How to Create a Menu in WordPress Website

Adding a navigation menu on your WordPress website can be a great way to increase user engagement. You can place the links of different contents and direct your visitors into them. Doing so will help you keep your audience for a longer period of time on your website and decrease the bounce rate.

Create the First Navigation Menu on WordPress

By default, WordPress comes with an inbuilt option to create a menu on your website. Depending on your WordPress theme, you can add the menu to different locations. 

Here is a short tutorial of how you can create a navigation menu by using the default WordPress settings:

Step 1: Create a New Menu

Login to your WordPress dashboard. Then, go to Appearance > Menus. There, the first thing you need to do is give the name of your new menu. Then, click on “Create Menu”.

Step 2: Add Menu Items

Now, add different elements from the left side of the page. You can add various menu elements like the page, post, custom links, categories, etc.

Create Menu in WordPress

Step 3: Setup Menu Structure

Once you have added all the required menu items, go to the menu settings to assign the menu display location. You can also tick the auto-add page setting to automatically add any new top-level pages on the menu.

Finally, click on “Save Menu” to make your menu live. 

You can also delete your menu by clicking on “Delete Menu”.