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    Hello all,

    How i can change the main color (#EE3B24;) of the icons in the feature section
    (Our Features)?

    Can i change only this color (#EE3B24;) in all site?

    Please advice


    Yes, you can do it by making change in style.css code file but the theme does not have any prebuilt color picker.


    You can do a replace for all #EE3B24 in the css.style.
    But I use a variable in the beginning of the style.css and use that variable for all the places were #EE3B24 was used.

    Next time I only have to change the color on 1 place in the style.css.

    So set the variable –main-color

    :root {

        –main-color: rgb(80, 177, 56);


    en dan overal

    input[type=”submit”] {

        background: var(–main-color);

        padding: 0 20px;

        color: #FFF;

        border: 0;

        line-height: 46px;

        height: 46px;


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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