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    The homepage is fine on mobile, but pages and posts with text blocks do not seem to be responsive.

    On mobile, the header/footer section are sized correctly but the text goes way beyond the screen and after zooming out, it becomes very hard to read and looks very funky.

    Screenshot of the issue :http://imgur.com/a/Gw3am

    I looked at a few demo posts and pages and they work fine on mobile. What am I missing here? I love the theme but mobile is very important for this site. ‘
    Thank you,



    I have a similar problem: on tablet a widget in footer 1 is not responsive, while it is on mobile and on pc: https://www.2punkt4.online.
    Thanks for help!

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    @rurmeer There is a Facebook widget in the Footer 1. The Facebook widget only behaves responsive when the site is refreshed. It does not behave responsive when resized.

    @kginth I checked your website in my android device and seems to be working fine. I zoomed out and zoomed in and there is no any problem.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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