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    For a theme that seems so elegant, the slider/head is stunningly bad. If i have invested 5 hours tweaking the theme, 4 hours have been wasted TRYING to get the header/slider to work properly.

    Between image not setting, to color not showing, to forcing up to not be able to drop slider pages into a non-public parent page, to slide#2 and #3 not even displaying, i about about ready to turf the entire theme.

    I am trying not to, because i like the rest of it.



    “slider/head” should read “slider/header” .. couldn’t find an edit feature.



    I finally realized that if you do not set a featured image, the slider fails. That corrected the main issue but the secondary and more admin-oriented: A simple warning would help when selecting a page if no image is found. Chaulk this one up to experience.

    I wish now that we could hide pages more readily to group them into hidden menus and select them that way as a “page” set for the slider is no real page per se.




    You should have checked the documentation https://hashthemes.com/documentation/hashone-documentation/

    you can create your own menu which is described in the documentation.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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