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    I use HashOne for a web site with most recent verswion of WordPress. I want an accessible web site and tried Accessiblity by UserWay (userway.org)
    I could not use page builder on any new pages. Text would disappear. PageBuilder is necessary to my web site because I need more contro over format than the theme alone gives me.

    I started deleting plugins one by one until I had them all gone. As I added them back, the problems started with UserWay’s Accessibility. I couldn’t use PageBuilder.

    When I deleted it, PageBuilder worked fine. After 2 months without the Accessbility plugin, PageBuilder is still working just fine. Based on my experience I’d advise against using this plugin.

    I am testing a couple others that give some of the access functions. Will post again when I have some results. Anyone have any suggestions on an accessiblity plug-in that works well?



    So far the theme is not fully accessibility ready. But we can help you fix some issue if you can explain your problem with your website url.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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