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    When I started creating my page with this theme, the menu displayed horizontally, each item was beside each other. Then I modified the pages shown in the menu, now my menu is hidden where I have to click the menu button in the upper right corner. When I click it, the menu is showing vertically. How do I get rid of this? I need my menu to display horizontally across my navigation bar without being hidden.

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    Please check this section of documentation https://hashthemes.com/documentation/hashone-documentation/#MenuSetup

    Do reply back with your website url if it still does not work.

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    I have the same question and have reviewed the documentation and all the options related to menu’s in the admin site as well as the customize view and don’t see an option to switch from the drop down menu to one that is more old school across the top of the page and always visible.

    So to be clear, we want all of the menu items to always be shown at the top of the page without first having to click on the menu icon to make the menu visible.


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    @inmyimage can you please let us know your website url? Because the menu should alway appear at the top.

    If you are talking about the another menu at the top of the main menu then the theme does not have this feature.


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