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    Is there a way to change the primary default color of #EE3B24 to a different color?


    Sorry, There is not way other then modifying code. If you know some CSS then you can make edit in the style.css file to change the color.


    Try the following (I do it like this):

    1. make screenshot of your website
    2. open that screenshot in Photoshop
    3. select the color (I assume you want to change that red color), and you get a code: ee3b24
    4. copy-paste code from the style.css to a Word document
    5. press CTRL + F to start a search
    6. enter that red code (ee3b24), and the Word will find all the places that color is mentioned
    7. select replace – replace all
    8. replace with: “enter the code you want to have” (it will replace “the red code” with the “your color code”)
    9. copy that entire code from Word to your style.css (before all of these steps, backup your style.css, just in case) and save it
    10. that should be it, this works for me.

    You’ll have to do it after every theme update

    Hope it works for you,


    Thanks Ivan. I had tried this and although I was able to successfully change the primary color, my Home Page slider graphics got a little funky. I lost the dark overlay effect.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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