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    Tung Choat

    An error occurred while installing the plugin
    I need help from everyone.
    I’m currently using the HashOne theme.
    Everything is very good, perfect when I have not installed Woocommerce Plugin
    When I activate the plugin, at the homepage, everything is not showing in turn, every item is not moving.
    All Categories: About Us, Section, Featured Section, Portfolio Section, Service Section, Team Section, Counter Section, Testimonial Section, Blog Section
    When I stop activating, everything is back to normal.

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    Can you show us your website?

    Our demo website also latest version of HashOne Theme with latest version of WooCommerce and there is no any problem http://demo.hashthemes.com/hashone/shop/

    May be the problem is due to some other plugins!

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    Tung Choat

    Thank you for your feedback
    My website: http://anmy.info/anmi
    I just installed plugin contact and woocommerce.
    Especially when I turn off the plugin woocommerce everything is perfect.
    If you need, I will provide the website login information. So you can log editing.


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    Tung Choat
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    On checking you website, i found out that your site is not able to load a cookies file due to which there is a jquery which is creating issue to all the elements that loads with javascript.

    Try uninstalling woocommerce plugin and installing again.


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    Tung Choat

    I tried as you said, but not.
    Is there any other way to solve this problem?
    I have created a new data, install a new wordpress in the sub domain. But the situation is still on. Shop.anmy.info
    This situation ends when I deacitve the woocommerce plugin

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