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    Tung Choat

    An error occurred while installing the plugin
    I need help from everyone.
    I’m currently using the HashOne theme.
    Everything is very good, perfect when I have not installed Woocommerce Plugin
    When I activate the plugin, at the homepage, everything is not showing in turn, every item is not moving.
    All Categories: About Us, Section, Featured Section, Portfolio Section, Service Section, Team Section, Counter Section, Testimonial Section, Blog Section
    When I stop activating, everything is back to normal.



    Can you show us your website?

    Our demo website also latest version of HashOne Theme with latest version of WooCommerce and there is no any problem http://demo.hashthemes.com/hashone/shop/

    May be the problem is due to some other plugins!


    Tung Choat

    Thank you for your feedback
    My website: http://anmy.info/anmi
    I just installed plugin contact and woocommerce.
    Especially when I turn off the plugin woocommerce everything is perfect.
    If you need, I will provide the website login information. So you can log editing.



    Tung Choat


    On checking you website, i found out that your site is not able to load a cookies file due to which there is a jquery which is creating issue to all the elements that loads with javascript.

    Try uninstalling woocommerce plugin and installing again.



    Tung Choat

    I tried as you said, but not.
    Is there any other way to solve this problem?
    I have created a new data, install a new wordpress in the sub domain. But the situation is still on. Shop.anmy.info
    This situation ends when I deacitve the woocommerce plugin

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    If you can email us your website login detail at [email protected] , we can look at the problem.

    So far the theme is working fine with woo commerce plugin in our demo and even with lots of people using our theme.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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