How to drive traffic to your website: 3 Data Driven methods

Everyone fantasises about having a website that bullies traffic. Every business owner competing online understands the propaganda behind having a ton of traffic juice flowing to his website.

And, for a marketer or a blogger, traffic is like one of those exotic dreams that he wishes he could achieve.

Unfortunately, many out of them aren’t able to reach this feat. About 9o% startups fail miserably.

Now, the challenges and reasons behind business failure is beyond the scope of this post.

However, we can assure you this:

If you can drive right traffic to your site, 9 out 10 times your business won’t have to taste the same story.

Coming down to the major question. How could you generate traffic?

Let me break a rule here. There isn’t any magical method that can help you achieve this goal overnight.

However, you can certainly be on the track with these 3 data driven methods:

Building a successful Brand

A recognisable brand is a valuable asset for any company. Having a good domain name is one way to start the preceding. But branding is more than that. According to a survey done by Neilson, it’s said that 59% users are likely to make purchase with a known brand rather than the unknown.

Here is our personal client’s case study where we were able to land more clients by presenting as a brand. Check out the image below.

From the screenshot above, you might have assumed that it’s a web design company. But, what’s new there?

successful brand building

The top 3 clicks include the brand name Nirmal and Nirmal Web Studio. Now 73 clicks may not look huge for a multi transactional website. But for a web design company these queries are gem.

Remember these all are direct traffic that knows your brand. It means they are qualified leads who are more likely to buy.

The question that may be revolving around your mind is how do you replicate the same process?

Now, the answer is out of this scope but we do have some general ideas that we would like to cover.

According to Techie Nize you should always follow the basic marketing terminology that most of you have heard – SWOT analysis.

Understand the gap of your industry and see if you can fill it with your product.

Always have a clean voice for your brand. Don’t think about earning millions; think about spreading your voices to the millions.

This is what Nirmal and his team did. The result is in front of you.


Create SEO value for your website

I chuckle every time people from outer space claim that – “SEO is dead.” No son, it’s not dead. It’s grown more sophistically for advanced SEO technicians with powerful skill sets.

For many website owners, branding is the long term result of SEO efforts.  Let me show you another client’s result. If you search for window tinting Sydney, you will get results like this:

SEO value of website

As you can see the Google Auto suggest demonstrate the brand name of Exclusive Window Tint Sydney. This is the long term result of SEO efforts. The branding along with the SEO work has generated thousands of leads every month for the Exclusive team.

When it comes to doing SEO for a website, it’s a different story. It takes time to see results from your SEO work. And you always have to be on your toes with website optimization tips to make things work for your business. However, there are certain things that you can do to accelerate the process.

We always recommend having a blog. It doesn’t matter if you are just a small local company, you should have a blog. Why? Simply because it opens up many gates for link opportunities. From content marketing to earning local links, blogs can be used in many ways to grab valuable links. And, if you know a little about SEO, you should know how important links are for search rankings.

Make sure you have got the basic on page right. Focus more on keyword research. Tap into keywords that have less completion in early stages. This way you can shoot for bigger terms when your website is ready for fight.

However, this certainly may not be your thing. At this time, you can consult for a SEO expert to get your work done.


Invest in Paid Advertisement

When we say paid advertisement, by no means we are considering traditional marketing as the major route.  For quick wins or boost in traffic, we certainly recommend using Pay per click (PPC) and social media marketing.

The process of managing an account is a complex material. One misconfigured Adwords campaign may lose a lot of money for your business. And, unlike SEO you have everything to lose here. Therefore, when it comes to PPC, it’s best to hire a consultant like Agency PPC to get the work done.

Similarly, find out the best social media platform for your industry. Use data from external sources as well as your inner sources to have a clear picture of what’s working with your industry.

There is never “one fit for all” social platform. One business may do great on Facebook while other may fail miserably. Now there are many factors like proper market research and ad campaign structure that comes into play on successful campaign.

However, the most crucial thing is to determine your best platform. This way you will avoid leaking money.

Wrapping Up

These 3 ways aren’t by any means bullet proof methods to generate traffic. But this will certainly pave your way to something great if followed properly. What’s the best way for you to drive traffic?

Let us know in the comments below.