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    Hi MrMarqua there are just a couple of files to edit. Better do this in a child theme though. In the js folder, hashone-custom.js file, you need to add the classes of the pages where there’s not the sticky effect.
    In the window.scroll function, change the following line from this:
    $('.page-template-home-template #hs-masthead, #hs-masthead')
    to this
    $('.page-template-default #hs-masthead, .page-template-home-template #hs-masthead, #hs-masthead, .blog #hs-masthead')

    Then, do the same on the style.css of the theme, adding
    .page-template-default and .blog to the three sections of #masthead starting at line 1152.

       .page-template-default #hs-masthead,
       .blog #hs-masthead,


       .page-template-default #hs-masthead.fadeInDown,
       .blog #hs-masthead.fadeInDown,


       .page-template-default #hs-masthead.hs-black.fadeInDown,
       .blog #hs-masthead.hs-white.fadeInDown,

    In this last block, I changed to hs-black (instead of white) for readability, as the menu’s text is white.

    Hope this helps.
    P.S. How did I do it? inspected elements and TextWrangler.

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