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    Dear all,

    A WordPress update occured last weekend.
    On our servers it’s automated, and this morning we had the surprise to discover that the homepage changed because of that…
    The slider doesn’t work anymore (only the title and caption appear, the image doesn’t display, and the title is written again in the upper-left corner), and the slider area is almost twice as big (vertically) than before.
    The Service section picture doesn’t display anymore.
    The Contact section picture doesn’t display anymore.

    We tried to reintegrate the pictures, with the Pages tool or through the Customizer, the backoffice recognizes them, they are still in the media section, we select them, we save, but nothing appears.

    Has anyone else experienced these issues?
    How can we resolve that?
    Is it something happening each time WP updates?

    Best regards,




    Dear team,

    It seems to be working now, maybe more a bug on our side than something changed in the update.





    Great to know that it is now working. There is no problem with the theme.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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