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    Is there any way to make webpage on smartphones look like on pc? I mean i don’t want menu first, then news. I want to scroll my page from left to right and from top to bottom.

    I’ve added extra left sidebar to my site, but it has a huge minus. It doesn’t looks good on small screens. I disabled right sidebar on small screens, but i can’t get rid of left sidebar.
    How can I disable left sidebar in CSS on small screens or how can I make my site looks like on pc?

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    It would require lot of CSS codes changes. So if you are interested we can do it for the paid support.

    We would have definitely helped you for free if it was just small change of codes.

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    Is it possible to simply have a desktop version of the site only? I don’t want a smartphone version either. Thanks.

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    You will have to remove the CSS for responsive in mobile device. Remove all the CSS that starts with @media query.

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    Sorry, I don’t know what “the CSS for responsive in mobile device” means – is there a particular php file that I should edit?


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    Remove all the CSS from line number 2627 in style.css file

    All the responsive CSS starts below this text
    ## Responsive CSS

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    Fantastic – it worked, thanks very much.

    For some reason when loading the page on my smartphone device, the default zoom is more than 400% and only the site logo is visible – this is only an issue on my website. Pinching the screen to zoom out obviously solves that problem but only when you scroll down below the slider (because you can’t pinch the slider).

    Is there a way to set the default zoom so that the whole homepage appears in view (i.e. full zoom out view) and then you can zoom in from there?

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