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    How can I make the Service Picture not resize when the browser size is manipulated? Or is there a way for it to maintain it’s proportions if the browser size is manipulated?


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    Also, is there a way to have an unlimited line in the Testimonial space? We have testimonies that run over the allotted space. Is there a way to make it so the full testimony displays?


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    Can you let us know which service section are your referring?

    Also the theme limits the amount of text that can be displayed in the testimonial section so there is no option to show the full text.

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      It’s the Service section in the HashOne Theme. It has a picture on the left and then links to important pages on the right. Below is a pic of your demo, the area I’m referring to. Thanks for getting back to me.

      Image of Service Area

      Is there some way to make that image on left stationary bc it resizes and causes heads to be cut off when people are in the image.

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