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    I am trying to add widgets (more than 1) to my footer1 but they are all getting stacked vertical. I want them horizontal. Has someone an idea how to do that? Thanks to all 🙂


    It mean that you are trying to edit the code to add more footer widgets? In this case we would not be able to help you because we would never know what changes in code you have done in your website.

    Basically the theme has featured to add 4 widgets in the top footer and 1 widget in the bottom footer which mean you can add 5 footer and they should appear horizontally.

    It would be better if you reply with your website link.


    At first: thank you for answering so fast – a very good service !!!

    No, i will not change the code ( because i am not able to… 😉

    The possibility of 5 footer is great, thats not the problem.

    On your Homepage / Themes / Square you have an example: its exactly what i want 🙂
    Here the PNG-picture:
    There are 4 widgets horizontal in 1 footer : „About us“ and „Custum links“ and …

    I have on my homepage:


    4 x a „Text-Widget“ and it stacks vertikal 🙁 but i want it horizontal.




    It seems that you are adding all the footer in the Footer 1 widget area. You need to add only one widget per each widget area. You should see Footer 2 , Footer 3 and Footer 4 widgets as well. Add you you widget in this widget area instead of adding all the widget int he same Footer 1 Widget area.


    Aaaahhhhh 🙂 It works 🙂
    The footer for itself works like a vertikal stripe and every 4 footers (stripes) can be set (hozitontly) side by side.
    You are great!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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