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    I’m having a problem getting this theme to update properly and show the homepage I’ve customized even after updating/publishing.

    I’ve followed online instructions, but some of the instructions can’t be followed because the options are different for me. For instance, when I go to the “reading” category to set display options for the homepage… they do not exist.

    Also, the options I customize in this theme don’t show up on the live website once published. I get a page with an entirely different format than what I customized. I get only a list of posts. In the customizer “live preview” everything looks great, but that’s the only place I can get it to look great.

    I like what I see in the customizer and will consider purchasing this theme… but only if I can get the free version to work properly first.

    Please help,



    Please go to Appearance > VIral News Setting Page. There you will see on how to activate the front page. By default you will see a blog page.

    And regarding the documentation, you need to create those page first. After you created a Home Page, it will display in the list. Please read the documentation completely. We have also mentioned creating a page before going to Settings > Reading.

    But this was a complex process. However, now it is easy to set up home page. Please go to Appearance > VIral News Setting Page in your dashboard for more detail.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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