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    I’m using Square theme and I had some custom templates created based on the page.php file. I had created a custom-pages folder in the server and everything was working fine.
    Today, I logged in and a message to update plugin Akismet was there and I just went forward allowing to update, without caring much. Result is that my custom-pages folder is not there anymore.
    I looked for a way to revert changes but didn’t find something useful and didn’t want to try more to avoid more (bad) things happening.

    I have not done any other change apart the plugin update and that’s why I think it is the cause.
    Does it make sense? Is there a way to revert the changes and have the folder back?
    I have already talked to server support and refered me to the theme developers.

    Thanks in advance!



    May be you accidentally updated theme as well. So the the better way to add your customization is child theme so that any update will not effect your customization.

    Now since the theme has updated, there is no way recovering back your old file unless you server has some backup system enabled.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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