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    I too have the same problem. I have looked at the https://hashthemes.com/documentation/total-documentation/ documentation and it’s getting frustrating because I can’t find the instructions to put the home, shop and blog pages on the home page. Does the front page need to be a latest posts page or a static page?
    There is no picture to show the Settings – Reading – Front Page Display for this.
    I want to have, Home|Shop|Blog on the same home page menu like the demo http://demo.hashthemes.com/square/.
    When I did get them on the same page menu the blog posts were not showing up on the Blog Page. I must be missing something.



    In the Square demo it shows the Square slider page and up above in the menu it has Home Shop and Blog. How can I do that for mine? When I use Static Front Page I can not see the Square Slider on the Home Page.




    You need to go to Appearance -> Menu page in order to set the menu items. You can choose the items to display in the menu from there.



    Hi Keymaster,

    Thanks but that was not helpful. I was able to set the menu items (Home Shop Blog Contact) but the blog posts were not showing up on the Blog page.
    So another Keymaster sent me a link to the documentation where I found the answer. I had to go to Pages and create a new Home page but what I didn’t do which was very very important was click the Template drop down and select Home Page. Then go to Settings – Reading and change the Front Page to a Static Page and select the new Home page and click Blog for latest posts.
    Thank you guys very much for all you do to help us out. I really appreciate it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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