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    I have a number of questions that i couldn’t find answers to through searching this forum.

    1) Can I / How do I show the services as always expanded – I don’t think people will think to click on them and it is inconvenient to do so.

    2) How can I align the image on the right side of the ‘services’ section so that it aligns horizontally with the image on the right side of the ‘about’ section?

    3) How can i add a white background buffer to the top or bottom of the ‘features’ section?- As it is adding padding in additional CSS just extends the coloured background. This is a problem when hiding some sections, for instance if the ‘services’ section is directly above or below the ‘features’ section then the ‘features’ background and ‘services’ image are touching, which looks terrible and needs spacing.

    4) How can I display only 1 instance of each logo on the customer logo carousel? Alternatively, How can i just insert 2 images + some text somewhere on the front page? i.e a custom section?

    5) How can I remove the transition background / slide effect when mousing over an image in the ‘portfolio’ section? I’ve removed the background colour when moused over, but not during transition.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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