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    I would like to know if it is possible to create new sections in this theme, because for example i would use some html code inside the “testimonial” section and he doesn’t let add a page to it.

    My second question:
    Its possible to remove to change the text of “About” section to full length of the website? I really don’t want to use an image on it.

    Sorry for any english mistakes but its not my native language.




    Sorry, it is not possible to create any new section unless the code is edited.

    and you can use excerpt feature to show the short text instead of full text. Check the link below

    Featured Section not displaying ul's/ol's



    1st, if is not possible to create a new section, how can i put a normal page with text in the front page?
    For example, down the “About us” or down the “Clients” section.
    Because everytime i try it, she doesn’t show, even when i say in which order i want to.

    2st. I think you didn’t understand my question. The About us section, is divided in two. One part for text and the second part for images.
    I want to remove the image, and have only the text in the full length of the website.
    How can i do it?

    Thank you so much for your time




    To create a normal page with text in the Front Page, you can use the Front Page option in the Settings -> Reading Menu and then choose the page that you want to display in the front page.

    Or do you mean that your client section is not working? If you can let us know your website, it would be easier for us to understand your issue.

    Regarding your 2nd question, the theme does not have option to have About us Section to the full width and remove the image.



    Well, is getting harder to explain myself, more then i tought!

    This is my page

    I want to create a new clean page that i will name it “Abracadabra”.
    I want to put this new page above “Qualidade” in the main page.
    If i can’t create new sections and move them up or down, how can i put the “Abracadabra” in the main page?

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    There is no option move the section up and down neither to create new section. The theme by default provide you 10 Sections which you can use.

    I see you have a “Abracadabra” page at the top. If you want to make it full width the here is the CSS code. Use some Custom CSS plugin to add it


    I can also see you are making some edit in codes.



    I only made small changes with the few knowledge i have.

    I’ll be trilled to use your 10 sections, the problem is most of the sections doesn’t allow me to add widgets (text widget with the possibility to write html on it) or sections who give me the possibility to make paragraphs or add small thumbnails in the text.

    So if i understood, theres nothing i can do about it?!? If i can’t add new sections, and if i can’t add new pages on the front page, or add html in the text field to give me possibility to make paragraphs or bold/italic text etc.
    What is your suggestion to help me? please?




    The only section that accepts HTML formatting and images is about us section. Create a news page and add your formatted text with images then assign this page to the about us section.

    and then the above CSS to make it full width.

    Hope this will definitely help you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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