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7 Best SEO Analyzer Tools

As a web owner, you are well aware that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential factor for the growth of the online business. So, you have decided to run a campaign to make your web content SEO friendly. While doing so, the first thing you need to make sure of is to generate a web analysis audit of your website. It will allow you to list out the top SEO issues and make the improvements as per the need. Besides, the SEO audit report will also let you know the performance of your website and enable you to compare the growth after you have made your website SEO friendly.

Websites audits are generally done from the SEO analyzer tools available on the web. However, there are many tools that analyze your website but many of them may lack different features or do not provide accurate results. So, to help you find the right tool, we have compiled some of the best SEO analyzer tools by testing them on our website. You can go through the list and find out which one is appropriate for your website.

The Best SEO Analyzer Tools

SmartCrawl Pro

SmartCrawl Pro is a flexible SEO plugin that gives you everything you need for fast, powerful WordPress SEO. Start ranking higher with industry-leading features like automated SEO checkups and reports, sitemap auto-generator and search engine notifications, advanced social media sharing with OpenGraph customization, and much more.

Even better, SmartCrawl Pro is fully integrated into WPMU DEV’s site management tool, The Hub. As such, you can set up, view, and manage SEO across all your sites from one place.

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Ubersuggest is a freemium SEO Analyzer Tool by Neil Patel. It allows you to create the Audit of your website. From the audit, you view the on-page SEO score, monthly organic traffic, organic keywords, backlinks, and many more. 

SEO Analyzer Tools

The free version will crawl upto 150 pages of your website. So, if your site is more than 150 webpages, you will have to upgrade to the premium plan starting from $29/month. For the pricing plan you can get 7 days free trial to help you utilize the full services without having to pay any penny.

SEO Analyzer Tools

You can also view the site speed of your website on desktop and mobile devices using a 3G connection speed. It will let you know how many seconds your website will be loaded on the user’s devices.

SEO Analyzer Tools

Besides, you can also analyze the Health check of the crawled pages. In the health check, the application will view the broken pages, errors, warnings, etc. 

SEO Analyzer Tools

You can check out the issues and resolve them as per your need. The issues will be available on the top SEO issues. The issues can be viewed from the top SEO issues. The free version of the tool will display a limited amount of issues. So, you need to upgrade the application to a premium plan to view all the issues.

SEO Analyzer Tools

Additionally, you can perform keyword analysis to check out how the keywords you have added on your website are faring on the search engines.

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Diib is another SEO audit tool to analyze your website. It provides various overviews of your site health like Mobile Speed, Domain Authority, Sitemap, Keywords, Email Deliverability, backlinks and many more. 

SEO Analyzer Tools

You can also view the objectives of the growth, visitor experience, traffic, mobile and social media. You can view all the objectives in a more detailed way by clicking on the view all button.

SEO Analyzer Tools

Besides, the tool will also fetch the alerts (warnings) of your website. You can read the alert and start resolving it for the better growth of your site. 

SEO Analyzer Tools

Also, the tool provides the actual and predicted counts of your unique visitors, returning visitors, total visitors, bounce rate, average visit length, page views, page view per visitors, mobile visits, social media visits, and paid search visits. You can check out all the counts and try to improve them.

SEO Analyzer Tools

Diib is a freemium SEO analyzer that comes with free as well as pro version. In the free version, the tool will analyze your whole website but will provide limited growth plans. While the paid version will provide full access to the daily alert and objectives to show you how quickly you can grow the traffic and revenue of your website.

SEO Analyzer Tools

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SEMrush is one of the best and most popular marketing toolkits for digital marketing professionals. You can perform almost any type of marketing as the analyzer contains vast amounts of features to perform the site audit.

There are 43 different tools to analyze your website. If you are using the free version, you can add up to 10 different tools to analyze the website. If you want to use more tools, you need to upgrade to the paid version.

Once you have selected all the required options, set up the option and start auditing your site. Once the site is audited, it will display the clickable columns for all the options you have selected and installed.

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SEOptimer is a SEO Audit and Reporting tool that provides free analysis of your website. It consists of comprehensive website auditing options that list out different errors and issues of your website. Also, the tool provides the grade of how your website is performing in terms of SEO, usability, performance, social and security. 

The tool contains a review child page option to audit the inner page of your site. However, you will need to upgrade the tool to the premium version to audit it.

Also, the tool will display the SEO score of your website and will provide different suggestions to improve them. You can track the positions of your keywords, get the estimated traffic volume of your page, keyword consistency and many more. 

SEOptimer also displays the usability of your website on different devices. You will get the render view of your website in mobile and tabs. Along with the view, there will also be suggestions that you can follow to increase the usability of your website.

Then, comes the performance chart where the tool will display how your website is performing. It displays the page speed info and page size info along with the resources that are used on the website. 

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SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is another website audit tool that allows you to instantly analyze the SEO issue of your site. It is a professional tool to monitor your website and provide you with more than 30 SEO variables.

While auditing your website, the tool will give a score for your website out of 100. Also, it will show the number of passed checks, failed checks and warnings. You can view them in detail as you scroll down your audit result. As you can save the audit result in the email or PDF if you consider to resolve the failed test later.

The audit is divided into 5 different parts to make it easier for you to check out the errors of your website. 

SEO Site Checker comes with 3 different pricing plans i.e. basic, webmaster and professional. The basic plan will allow you to fetch upto 300 reports per month.

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Last but not the least, SiteChecker is a freemium website SEO checker and audit tool to help you improve the SEO rating of your site. The free version will crawl upto 150 pages. If you have more than 150 pages on your website, you will need to upgrade to the premium version to crawl the whole site.

The tool will list all the issues on the page level issue section with critical issues, warnings and notices. You can click on them to view the issues or simply down a little below to view all the issues.

The tool allows you to monitor your website, track the ranking of your contents, track the backlinks and many more. But you will need to upgrade to the paid version to unlock them.

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