10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives to Make Money Online

No doubt Google AdSense is the most popular tool to monetize your website. However, it is by far the option available. 

There are many good alternatives available for Google AdSense that you can use in a similar way to earn money online. So, if you are looking for one, you are on the right blog. 

Here, we will be some of the best Google AdSense Alternatives to monetize your website and earn money online. But before we go through the list let’s talk about what Google AdSense is and why you may need to consider looking for their alternatives.

What is a Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertisement network run by Google. It allows webmasters and publishers to display native and contextual advertisements on their websites. 

Since it is a Cost Per Click (CPC) network, you will get paid for each click-through done by your audiences. The process is simple and you won’t have to face any hassle to earn passive income from your site.

Why Should You Look for Google AdSense Alternatives?

As we have already discussed, although Google AdSense is the most popular tool to monetize your website, it is not the only available option to earn money online. There are different alternatives that provide an edge to AdSense in terms of flexibility, revenue share, and payouts. Also, it is also good to take a look at the different alternatives and compare them before making a decision of using them on your website.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives to Monetize your WordPress Website:

Network NameAdvertisement TypeMinimum PayoutsPayout MethodPayout OccurrenceSign Up Links
Media.netContextual Ads, Display Ads, Native Ads$100PayPalMonthlySign Up Now
Amazon Native Shopping AdCost Per Mile (CPM) Ads, Display Ads$10Wire Transfer, Payoneer, PayPal60 DaysSign Up Now
AdversalNative Ads, Video Ads, Display Ads$20PayPalNET 35Sign Up Now
PropellerAdsPop-Under Ads, Banners, Sponsor Links, Push Notifications, Native Ads, Video Ads$5PayPalMonthlySign Up Now
SkimlinksText Ads (Affiliate Ads)$10PayPalNET 90Sign Up Now
InfoLinksText Ads, Contextual Ads, Video Ads$50PayPal, Western Union, Payoneer45 DaysSign Up Now
BidvertiserNative ads, Banners, Pop-unders, Smartlinks, Sliders$10PayPalMonthlySign Up Now
AdCashDisplay Ads, Native Ads, Video Ads, Pop-Under Ads$25PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, WebMoneyNET 30Sign Up Now
RevContentNative Ads, Display Ads, Mobile Ads, Video Ads$50PayPalMonthlySign Up Now
BuySellAdsBanners, Text Ads, Native Ads, RSS Feed Ads, Email Ads, Content Sponsorships$20PayPalWithin 2-3 days on demand. Up to two cash-outs per month.Sign Up Now
Best Google AdSense Alternatives – Compared


Google Adsense Alternatives

Media.net is one of the leading contextual advertising platforms and a major competitor of Google AdSense. The service is run by Bing and Yahoo! which is employed by bloggers and web owners around the world. It offers multiple display types of ads and native advertisements for mobile and desktop.

The biggest benefit of Media.net over Google AdSense is its high Revenue per Thousand Impression Rate (RPM). So, if you are looking for a service comparable to AdSense, Media.net is a great starting point. Its targeting is performed through the keyword search terms. This is very helpful to contribute highly contextual ads which prompt to earn a large amount of click-through rate.

Another advantage of Media.net is that it provides you access to the searches from Bing and Yahoo! network. Also, the platform gives you full access to the client’s network. In that way, you can boost your ad revenue by taking the advantage of the rich search market.

Additionally, Media.net comes with various design options. You can customize the ad layout and make it a perfect fit for your website design and color.

The minimum payout of Media.net is $100. The payment is done via PayPal and the payout occurs monthly.

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Amazon Native Shopping Ad

Google Adsense Alternatives

Amazon Native Shopping Ad offers you a high reward way to monetize your website. Similar to the Google AdSense ads, Amazon Native Shopping Ads are contextual. So, they display relevant products based on the page content and keyword. 

If your visitors go on to make a purchase after clicking on the ad, you will get a commission for each purchase they made, regardless of whether it is for the item they have clicked or not.

The minimum payout threshold of Amazon Native Shopping Ad is $10 and you will receive the payout 60 days after each month.

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Google Adsense Alternatives

Adversal can be one of the best alternatives for Google AdSense if you have website traffic of 50,000 page views per month. It is a self-serve ad platform to present your native content like banner ads, video ads, and many more. It has an intuitive interface making it easier for you to start, stop, and pause your ad campaign any time you want. 

They prioritize your preference first and allow you to decide your banner types and size before publishing ads on the website. Also, there is a default tag management system that filters ads and prevents various types of scams and frauds.

The minimum payment threshold of Adversal is $20. The payout is done via PayPal on a NET35 basis.

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Google Adsense Alternatives

PropellerAds is a fast-growing advertisement network that provides you with modernization opportunities for both new and old blogging sites. It is known for pop-under ads that load behind the current browser window and appear when the window is closed. If you find this too aggressive for your blog post, you can use other adverts like banners, sponsor links, push notifications, native ads, video ads, etc.

PropellerAds is a self-serve platform that provides simplified ads creators to get your ad campaign live with minimal hassle. You don’t need an established website to use the platform as it is good for newer blogs too. There’s no minimum required of your site’s traffic and your account will be activated instantly after the creation. 

The payout threshold of PropellerAds is just $5 and the payment is done through PayPal. These payouts occur monthly.

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Google Adsense Alternatives

Skimlinks is automated in affiliate marketing which makes it unique from other platforms in the list. It works by scanning the text of your blog for the links to other sites and if the link leads to one of its advertisement merchants, Skimlinks turns it into an affiliate link. You will receive a 75% commission when the visitor clicks on it. You can also earn additional revenue when the users make a purchase after going through affiliate links.

The minimum payout of Skimlink is as low as $10. However, it operates on Net 90 basis which means you will get payouts every 90 days.

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Google Adsense Alternatives

InfoLinks provides a viable alternative to display ads. Its specialty is in text advertising placement. It searches for keywords in the body of your blogs and automatically associates them with ads containing relevant keywords. 

InfoLinks can monetize any blog. It does not require any setup fee and there are no minimum requirements for the page view. Once the setup is completed, you can quickly implement in-text advertisements and gain insight reports from the reporting dashboard. Moreover, you can also display targeted ads if you prefer to do so.

The ads are fully customizable and offer unique placements to display the ads and earn more click-through without disturbing the looks and feel of your website.

The minimum payout of InfoLinks is $50. You can get the payout every 45 days via PayPal, Western Union and Payoneer.

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Google Adsense Alternatives

Bidvertiser operates on a bidding campaign system to help you monetize your WordPress website. Instead of placing ads automatically, Bidvertiser sells the display ad on your website to whichever advertiser pays you the most. In the ad space, you can display varieties of ad formats including banners, popunders, sliders, smart links, and programmatic ads.

Bidvertiser guarantees 100% coverage for both desktop and mobile audiences. That means you will always have some types of ads displayed on your site. It also offers a referral program that pays referrals to both advertisers and publishers, meaning your ad network will bring in a passive income to both parties.

The lowest payout threshold of Bidvertiser is $10 and the users will get paid monthly.

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Google Adsense Alternatives

AdCash is a well-known ad serving platform that helps 200 million active users to increase their conversions and app installs. It supports nearly all types of ad formats starting from standard display ads to more premium units like pop-unders and instream video ads. It is easy to place and customize any ad unit and you can view the real-time reports of your ad performance from the admin panel.

One of the main benefits of AdCash is it supports Anti AdBlock Technology. That means even if your website visitors have AdBlocker enabled, they will get to see the ads on your website or blogs. This happens because AdCash manages to bypass adblockers to increase earnings.

AdCash is a self-serve online advertising platform for any type of media buyer, affiliate, or publisher. It utilizes smart technology to offer a seamless experience to the users.

It offers payout through PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and WebMoney at a minimum threshold of $25.

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Google Adsense Alternatives

RevContent is a fast-growing ad platform to display native ads on your WordPress blog. These ads are highly targeted and blend in effortlessly on your site’s page in a beautiful way. The network also offers other ad formats like display ads, mobile ads, and video ads. 

RevContents has a good reputation for exceptional clients on both the publisher and advertiser sides. It partners with the publishers that are likely to generate a large number of hits on the advertisements that attract the advertisers who are willing to pay a high commission.

The minimum payout of RevContents is $50. You can get the payout monthly.

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Google Adsense Alternatives

BuySellAds is a self-serve advertising portal for publishers. It sells advertising space on the website for you. While you will have full control over what your ad space is worth, you need to make sure that your price does not keep you out of the market.

BuySellAds is highly exclusive. You need a high-quality English language site and at least 100,000 page views per month to join. When you submit your site for approval, it will be reviewed for its quality and if you can reach these high bars, you can enjoy a 75% commission per click through.

The minimum payout given by BuySellAds is just $20 and you can get it from PayPal.

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These are the best Google AdSense Alternatives. You can use them to monetize your WordPress website and earn money online.

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