20 best adsense optimized wordpress themes

No matter what type of business you are running and no matter how philanthropic you feel at the moment, at some point you will have to think about monetizing your website. This is particularly true for a business like Online Stores and Service providers whose entire source of or a major part of income comes from the online market. Fortunately, there are a bunch of things you could be doing to enhance your earnings and help you make a living online. The most sorted after method, however, remains the good old Ad-Sense that not only helps you earn more but also optimizes your ads in a way that is relevant to your users, luring them into clicking on your ads more.

There are a plethora of things you can do to your website to make it Ad-Sense optimized, but most of these methods are cumbersome and time-consuming. There is an easier and efficient alternative; the alternative is a completely AdSense Optimized WordPress theme that does everything for you so that you can concentrate more on your content and less on the technical aspects of website building. Although, as a beginner you can always opt for Free WordPress Themes Keeping all that in mind, in this post we have collected a comprehensive list of 20 Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes, one of which, we are sure, you will find great enough to glorify your website and help you make more money without having to worry about monetization tweaking.

1. MagXP



MagXP takes the functional, and feature advantage of a magazine styled theme and coverts it into something that can attract more attention and help you build a better reading audience. This latest and one of the most promising WordPress Magazine Themes from MyThemeShop is already powering millions of stunning websites. The theme comes with a four homepage layout and an options panel that lets you control the design with just a few click. One of the best things though is that you can radically change the feel of your website from bright and clean to dark and minimal with just a single click.

Details | Demo

2. Sensational



Convert your average looking blog into and absolute Sensation with Sensational, a theme that was designed with bloggers in mind and takes care of AdSense optimization, so bloggers only have to worry about posting quality content. The theme comes packed with a lot of color options and layout styles that highlight the best of your content in a way that is manageable and pleasing at the same time.

Details | Demo

3. Admania


This one is a completely Ad optimized theme, and that seems to be its strongest forte as it not only optimizes your website for AdSense but also does a great job at Affiliate Marketing Optimization by enhancing Click Through Rate(CTR). On top of that, the theme offers AdSense ready Template that has five impressive layouts that put ads at five impressive positions and forces your audience to click on them, more often. Techie Drive is one beautiful example of site made from this theme.

Details | Demo

4. Alpha



Alpha is a perfect theme for news and article heavy websites and comes with all the advanced, powerful and responsive magazine theme elements that will make your website look an absolute stunner on every device, including smartphones and tablets. The best part though is its two skins that offer two radically different looks: Magazine and Newspaper.

Details | Demo

5. Tabloid



Another quality theme that was designed keeping in view all the needs of magazine and news websites. Besides being fully responsive and beautiful, the theme also manages to be very easy to install and work with.

Details | Demo

6. Authority



It goes without saying that the most important factor that determines the exponential growth of a blog or a website is how authoritative its content and design feels, Authority is here to provide just that and then a lot more. The theme is packed with a bunch of features and customizations to help you create a truly unique experience and WoodWard Matthew’s full endorsement.

Details | Demo

7. Daily



If you are running a daily and it implicitly demands frequent content upload across multiple categories, Daily has you covered with all its minimal features and high-end design embellishments. Needless to mention that the theme is fully responsive and AdSense optimized to help you make some serious greens.

Details | Demo

8. AccessPress Mag PRO


Clean and functional are two words that sum it up for this great theme that has been made with careful coding and design elements that make it a great option for dynamic news sites, editorial journal websites, online magazines, review sites, blogs and personal websites. Here is how a site looks in real: It is Weird.

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9. WordX



WordX is for people who love words and want to focus completely on writing without having to worry about all the technicalities of website building and search engine optimization. The theme also supports HD image integration that further elevates the quality of your content.

Details | Demo

10. ActiveBlog


ActiveBlog, as the same suggests, has been designed for people who actively participate in online events and want to keep their readers updated with the same through their blog posts. The theme has been specially optimized for ads, speed, and design that looks modern. The cherry on top is the theme’s unique ad slot which you can use to monetize your blog with AdSense or Affiliate marketing.

Details | Demo

11. socialMe



If you have content you think will interest people in social media circles and you want something that takes care of the rest then SocialMe might just be the one for you. The theme has been designed keeping in mind traffic generation from Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter and has everything to keep them engaged in your content for hours and thus build a strong community.

Details | Demo

12. Newsdesk

NewsDesk offers a responsive flat design and has design elements that are the minimal ensuring focus is put on the most important part of your website, that is, your content. The theme is very dynamic, flexible and comes with a bunch of useful options and powerful features that make it an ideal solution for newspapers, online magazines, and other vibrant news websites.

Details | Demo

13. CTR Theme

Most of the themes that promise to do Ad optimization for you do so but at the expense of design and elegant layout but CTR Theme promises to prove itself otherwise. The theme will help you build an information website monetized with AdSense that gets great Click-Through Rates (CTR) without compromising on the overall elegance.

Details | Demo

14. myPortfolio

Here is a little something for businesses, freelancers, and agencies who wish to showcase their work in a way that can attract more attention to whatever they are offering. The theme is a beautiful and highly customizable portfolio theme that will ensure you can keep visitors on your site and keep theme amazed with all the new updates, all the time.

Details | Demo

15. Simple Sense

Simple Sense has been made keeping in view the needs of a blog with high monetary goals, and it nails that like no other. If you need convincing, the theme comes with 12 effective ad positions, per post ad options, unlimited color and background options, two and three column layouts, cross-browser compatibility, dropdown and custom menus and are specifically made for Google AdSense.

Details | Demo

16. Pixeldom

Pixeldom has been meticulously designed to enhance reading experience without having to compromise on overall elegance and most importantly monetization through Google AdSense.

Details | Demo

17. Adsos

Increase your search ranking and Click Through rates in one go with this flexible theme that was designed pretty clean, minimal and sufficiently optimized for search engines and AdSense.

Details | Demo

18. Ad-Sense

We all have to agree that any business or person interested in enhancing their online presence has to think about monetization at some point, and that is exactly what Ad-Sense is best at. The theme besides allowing you to optimize your website for monetization also manages to remain super-fast to load and super pleasing to look at.

Details | Demo

19. Feelings

For blog writers who wish to engage their audience in the immersive reading experience without compromising on money making, Feelings gets the job done and then leaves a lot of room for everything else. The theme is very easy to install with just one click and has all the elements to make your website stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Details | Demo

20. GoMedia

GoMedia is an ultra-flexible theme that promises to give you access to a plethora of customizations, allowing you to design your website just the way you always wanted.

Details | Demo

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